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How to LightScribe – LightScribe Software

How To LightScribe LightScribe CD and DVD Discs This video is the 3rd of 3 videos following on from: ‘How To LightScribe – What You Need To Make A LightScribe Label’ . It explores the following: 1: LightScribe System Software 2: LightScribe Labeling Software 3: Free LightScribe Software 4: Premium LightScribe Software The other videos… Read more »

LightScribe Control Panel

Setting Up The LightScribe Control Panel . This video is the third in the ‘How to LightScribe’ series. . When you have installed the System Software you then need to set up the LightScribe Control Panel. This video shows you ‘where to find it’ and what to do when you have. This is a one… Read more »

Installing LightScribe System Software

Installing The LightScribe System Software . This video is the second in the ‘How to LightScribe’ series. . Nothing complicated. A brief run-through of installing the LightScribe System Software on a Windows 7 PC. .