LightScribe TV News

In this section I will discuss any LightScribe relevant news.

Since its inception in 2004 LightScribe has evolved into the great Labeling system it is today.

However this evolution has abruptly ended with HP (the technology owner) withdrawing support for LightScribe as of December 2013.

Coupled to the fact that none of the LightScribe software that HP produced, and made available for free, has been updated since March 2013.

This has left the LightScribe community ‘adrift’ on it’s own, with no way to update the core software that runs the LightScribe labeling process.

As operating systems undergo development we are finding problems getting once stable LightScribe software to work on these new platforms. Windows 8.1 being a case in point.

I have been working with a group of fellow LightScribe users to find a way forward and we have had some promising results.

Videos detailing these will be made available as soon as the ‘fixes’ are deemed viable.