Introduction To LightScribe

Are you are new to LightScribe labeling?

Do you need a basic run-through of the essential things you need to do to get your new LightScribe set-up working?

Then this section is designed just for you…

These videos will take you through all the essential steps to setting up and configuring your new LightScribe labeling system.

Simply start at #1 and work your way through.

When done, you will have downloaded and installed all the basic LightScribe software and as long as you have a LightScribe enabled drive and some LightScribe CD/DVDs then you are ready to create your first LightScribe label…

Topics covered include the following:

1: Where to Download LightScribe Software
2: How to Install LightScribe System Software
3: How to Configure the LightScribe Control Panel
4: How to install LightScribe Simple Labeler
5: How to Use the Simple Labeler
6: How to install LightScribe Template Labeler
7: How to Use the Template Labeler

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Using LightScribe Template Labeler

Using The LightScribe Template Labeler . This video is the seventh and last in the ‘How to LightScribe’ series. . In this video I walk you through the basic use of the LightScribe Template Labeler. . This is not a difficult program to use but there are a few issues to watch out for. …. Read more »

Using LightScribe Simple Labeler

Using The LightScribe Simple Labeler . This video is the sixth in the ‘How to LightScribe’ series. . In this video I walk you through the basic use of the LightScribe Simple Labeler. . A few simple things to watch out for. This software will get you labeling with LightScribe in record time. . When… Read more »

How To LightScribe – What You Need To Make A LightScribe Label

How To LightScribe All You Need To Know To Make A LightScribe Label . In this video I answer the simple but often asked question: How do I make a LightScribe label? . This is usually followed by: 1: Will my DVD drive make LightScribe labels? 2: Do I need special LightScribe CDs or DVDs?… Read more »