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Using The Simple & Template Labeler on Windows 8.1 & 10 Method 1

The Simple & Template Labelers on Windows 8.1 Method 1

As you may know or have just discovered there are problems getting the Simple Labeler (sometimes) and the Template Labeler (most often) to install on Windows 8.1.


This is the first method where I show you a workaround you can use so you can use both these programs, even if you use Windows 8.1.


Download Files

In the video I mention two files you will need to have access to for this to work, here are the links to download them:

Simple Labeler

Template Labeler


For the second method go here

Let me know what you think and how it has worked out for you…


Have fun.




Use The Simple Labeler to Create Any LightScribe Label

Use The Simple Labeler to Create Any LightScribe Label

In this video I show you a way I have found to use the LightScribe Simple Labeler to create ANY LightScribe label you could ever want.

Windows 8.1

You may be wondering why do this? If you use Windows 8.1 (or a Mac) then by default this is the only free software you can use.

So this video shows you how to remove it’s limitations and get the most from your labeling.




How To Make LightScribe Labels Darker

How To Make LightScribe Labels Darker

Over the years the number 1 question I have been asked is:

“Steve, how do I make my LightScribe Labels Darker?”


There are in fact 3 things you need to do to increase the contrast of your LightScribe labels to make the final label burn darker.


The 3 things are:

  1. Software Adjustment
  2. Image/Background Adjustment
  3. Multiple Burns


In this video I show you all 3 and how to do everything yourself so your LightScribe labels will be a dark as possible.


I hope this video will help you maximize your LightScribe labeling.



LightScribe Template Labeler Templates

Extra LightScribe Template Labeler Templates


In the video on using the LightScribe Template Labeler I said at the end that I would let you know when I have been able to make available the extra templates.

Unfortunately because I now have to pay to host them (in the past they were on HP’s server) I now make them available for a small charge of $9.95

Here is a list of the 43 Template Packs:

Free Template Labeler Templates


These can be downloaded from from my website from the link below:

Extra LightScribe Templates

I hope this helps you with your LightScribe labeling…

All my best.


Using LightScribe Template Labeler

Using The LightScribe Template Labeler


This video is the seventh and last in the ‘How to LightScribe’ series.


In this video I walk you through the basic use of the LightScribe Template Labeler.
This is not a difficult program to use but there are a few issues to watch out for.
The LightScribe Template Labeler is the most powerful of the free LightScribe labeling applications, That said it is still fairly limited in it’s ‘out of the box’ state.


In later videos I will show you a number of ways you can increase it’s flexibility, but this video covers the basics and gets you up and running fast.


This video completes the Getting Started with LightScribe series of how to videos. Future videos will helps you take your LightScribe labeling to a new and more exciting level.


Happy Scribing…