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How To LightScribe – What You Need To Make A LightScribe Label

How To LightScribe

All You Need To Know To Make A LightScribe Label

In this video I answer the simple but often asked question:

How do I make a LightScribe label?

This is usually followed by:

1: Will my DVD drive make LightScribe labels?

2: Do I need special LightScribe CDs or DVDs?

and of course…

3: What LightScribe software (if any) do I need?

LightScribe Lableing is fun and it produces a professional quality disc label at home, something you can’t get with marker pens and sticky labels…

In short this video answers the question:

How to LightScribe and what you need to do it!

How To LightScribe – Mini Series

There are 3 follow up videos in this ‘mini-series’ expanding on the 3 topics covered in this intro How to LightScribe a Label video…

1: LightScribe DVD drives – What you need to know and how to recognize one.

2: LightScribe CDs & DVDs – What makes them special

3: LightScribe Software – Free and premium and the merits of both.




Welcome to LightScribe.TV

A short intro video to welcome you to LightScribe.TV


Download LightScribe Software

Where to Download LightScribe Software


This video is the first in the ‘How to LightScribe’ series.


To download the LightScribe Software go here – Free LightScribe Software


It shows where you can download all the free LightScribe software available, including the essential LightScribe system software.

It’s nothing fancy, but as HP have closed (as of Dec 2013) you will now know where you can still freely download the software.


Installing LightScribe System Software

Installing The LightScribe System Software


This video is the second in the ‘How to LightScribe’ series.


Nothing complicated. A brief run-through of installing the LightScribe System Software on a Windows 7 PC.


LightScribe Control Panel

Setting Up The LightScribe Control Panel


This video is the third in the ‘How to LightScribe’ series.


When you have installed the System Software you then need to set up the LightScribe Control Panel.

This video shows you ‘where to find it’ and what to do when you have.

This is a one off operation and is. set and forget.

Here is where you optimize your contrast settings as well.

It is also a good time to check that your LightScribe DVD writer has been ‘recognized’ by the system software before you go on to installing your labeling software.